Our Corporate Culture as a Hotel Management Group

Vesta Hospitality was established in 1996 as Northwest Hospitality Group, and in 2006 after a decade of tremendous success, our geographic reach had expanded, and we needed to restructure to accommodate our growing organization.

25 year timeline (PDF)

Restructuring and Renaming

In Roman myth, Vesta is the goddess of home and hearth, whose primary responsibility was making the house a welcoming home for its occupants.

Because of the resounding synergies between the myth and our company's reality, Northwest Hospitality Group was redefined as Vesta Hospitality. The brand/name is a truer, more literal expression of who we are, and what we are proud to embrace.

We feel the evolution in our corporate brand is much deeper than a surface makeover, signaling an era of renewed focus on our organizational strength—the creation of welcoming and hospitable spaces.

Vesta Hospitality lives up to its name by providing unparalleled service and accommodations to our guests, a supportive and secure workplace for our staff, and strong financial returns for our business partners.